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Shaping the future of consumer

engagement in mass-traffic environments.

We enable digital content delivery and data exchange in crowded environments. With Konduko’s opt-in model, businesses understand consumers’ interests and build compelling, personalised and profitable customer relationships.
Why choose Konduko ?

Get unprecedented

information quality

By sliding a visitor badge, you immediately identify their contact information such as name, email address, role, company, department, purchasing power and products of interest. We also give you the possibility to enhance those details with more accurate information, or write notes to better qualify your leads.
Get to know in real time which of your products trigger the most interest by analysing information through various filters such as company size / country / industry and by visitor purchasing power.

See what type of companies are visiting your booth, their size as well as the industry they belong to, how many employees did they send to the show and who did you talk to. Is this company already a customer of yours ?

Boost efficiency

  • boost2

    No more missed leads.

    Everybody busy at the booth? Relax, you’ll get qualified leads without talking to visitors as soon as they collect information about your products with their badge or smartphone.

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    No more
    post-event paperwork.

    Qualify your prospect once and continue selling. There is no need to re-enter business card information as everything has been saved into the system. You're now ready to convert your qualified leads into sales !

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    Change your content
    up until the very last minute.

    Our platform gives you the flexibility to quickly change or adapt your product information until just before the show. It all happens online and will only take you a few seconds.

Save printing costs


No more printing collateral.

Optimise your budget by eliminating the cost of printing and transporting paper brochures and flyers to the venue.

By the way, the planet says thank you !

Instantly connect & interact

Interact with Social Media

See what people have to say about your products. Interact with social media in real-time and track visitors’ activity with your products from the exhibition floor to social networks.

Don’t waste time and instantly follow up by issuing automatic emails to each lead immediately after their visit.

What’s the magic ?

Thanks to our technology innovation, Konduko enables any company to obtain unparalleled data analysis about consumers and prospects not otherwise available in mass traffic environments.  Meet your new friends !

The Konduko Reader

Attached on the exhibited products, to posters or any other surface, our Reader is able to track the consumer interest for a specific product. When visitors touch Konduko Readers with their badge, they receive an email from you, containing the information about that product. If visitors have a smartphone, the information appears in real time on their screen. Each Reader keeps track of who has made contact with it, enabling a rich profile built on the customers interested in your products.

The Konduko Cloud

The Konduko Cloud allows businesses to set up content and then extract visitor profiles and analytics of unprecedented accuracy, providing real-time reports and product information from multiple data sources (tablets, mobile phones, social networks, etc.). The System is also able to issue automatic follow-up emails to each prospect immediately after their visit.


The Konduko Stand App

Konduko provides your staff with applications for smartphones and tablets, allowing you to identify your visitor by swiping their badge. You can then check their contact details, update the file and add any extra notes.


Konduko is a fast-growing start-up with a disruptive solution for tracking people’s preferences in mass-traffic environments such as tradeshows and exhibitions. Based in Switzerland, Konduko has developed a cool and efficient way to collect information about your prospects that’s more accurate then ever before, not to mention delivering a fantastic user experience!

It was founded by two entrepreneurs who work with some of the world’s leading tradeshow organisers.

Work at Konduko

The people who work at Konduko are the company’s most important asset, and together we generate key competitive advantages. Our success depends entirely on the strength of our team – so we look for leaders, quick brains and smart workers with an international mindset!
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    Sales Agent - France
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    Sales Agent - UK
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    Technical architect
Interested ? Come join us & be part of the coolest team in Switzerland!


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