About us

CEO and Founder of Konduko, Matt Harris started building web technologies back in the ‘90s focused on accessibility, with a view that technology should be accessible to all.

In 2001 he began applying his skills and technology to the trade show industry, integrating enterprise with his passion for accessibility, and the concept of Konduko was born. After gathering the rest of the team and setting up shop in Nidau, Switzerland, Konduko was established in 2013.

Today, we’re a global provider of ‘Kontactless’ Smart Event technologies. Our mission is to enable the digital exchange of information at large-scale events and exhibitions, entirely without contact.

We’re proud to say that we consistently achieve higher engagement than any other event technology out there, meaning that…

  • 99% repeat exhibitors are prepared to pay to use our tech
  • 83% attendees want to use Konduko again
  • 72 exhibitor NPS score

To date we’ve delivered numerous events in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the USA, generating over an estimated $5.3 million of new digital revenue for organizers. Check out what our clients have to say here, or take a look at our industry recognition here.