Generating revenue

Generating revenue with a Konduko Kontactless Smart Event

Putting on trade events is no cheap exercise, and decreased ticket sales as a result of limits on attendees due to COVID-19 can put a serious dent in an organiser’s bottom line. By focusing on attendee engagement, Konduko can use our Kontactless Smart Event Technologies to create new revenue streams for our clients.

Virtual exhibitor lead capture

Konduko consistently achieves 82% attendee engagement, in comparison to the standard 30% achieved by alternative solutions. This results in our exhibitors capturing around six times the amount of leads that they would at any normal event – and that’s just on the floor. The virtual component of our hybrid event solution means that exhibitors can generate even more leads offsite before, during and after the event.

Amplified sponsorship opportunities

A Konduko Kontactless Smart Event is built around our ‘digital handshake’ – a seamless exchange of information between an attendee and an exhibitor. But the same technology can be applied to the attendee-sponsor relationship, resulting in the attendee walking away with more information about the sponsor and the sponsor walking away with a lead.

Physically, we enhance sponsorship opportunities by…

  • Making the most of brand placement on the show floor, using contactless technologies to deliver any materials in a safe and digital manner
  • Evolving your sponsorship strategy from simple brand placement to tracking attendee activations
  • In-person feature zones

Virtually, we do it via…

  • Banner ads and priority-listed content
  • Virtual feature zones

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