Trade Shows

Konduko’s offer is simple: improve the engagement experience for attendees and you will increase the value of the show for exhibitors and organisers.
Better engagement comes from shows where attendees are empowered to interact with exhibitors on their own terms, and this means better show data.
We take this data in real-time from both physical and digital shows, and use machine-learning to deliver matchmaking and recommendations of curated content.
This is the first time in history that trade shows can benefit from real-time data, created at a granular level to gain insights in to how to improve their show. Konduko has created the Intelligent Trade Show concept, and it is transforming shows across the world.

Improve experiences, add value to interactions, and increase organiser revenue.

Our experts will take the time to understand what you
want to achieve and how our solutions can help make it a

Real-time, intelligent

In a large and busy exhibition, it can be difficult for attendees to know
which stands are best to visit, which speaker sessions to join, and
whether there are any other key contacts that they should network with.
Our technology learns from attendee interests and behaviours to make
real-time, relevant recommendations, and suggest connections based
on shared interests and behaviours.


Events are experiences, and being able to share those experiences with your friends and colleagues – whether at a physical event or taking part digitally – is invaluable.

Many event technology products fall-down when it comes to seamlessly bringing together in-person and digital event attendees, but this is where our ‘FollowMe’ (Patent Pending) solution shines.

Konduko enables connected individuals to explore and experience a trade show, together: they can share contacts, ideas, and recommendations, and receive suggestions based on their preferences and behaviours.