The Kontactless Smart Reader

The Kontactless Smart Reader is a small sensor containing a GSM card pre-loaded with content that can be placed anywhere on the event floor — at entrances to seminars, on exhibitor booths, on sponsor signage, etc. 

Event attendees can hold their Kontactless Smart Badge in close proximity to the Smart Reader and collect the content digitally. This may be text, images, files, links or videos. Attendees can immediately interact with the content they have collected via MyJourney in the attendee portal and receive real-time recommendations about what to visit next based on their interests.

In exchange, the Smart Reader collects the attendees’ contact information and interests data, which the exhibitor can instantly access via the Konduko Cloud or their on-booth Konduko StandApp.

Smart Readers can be placed anywhere that the organisers or exhibitors would like to deliver content. For instance…

  • Exhibitor booths, to deliver exhibitor content
  • Entrances, to track attendees in real time
  • Signage, to deliver advertiser content
  • Sponsor zones, to deliver sponor content

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