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When a visitor holds their Smart Badge in proximity to a Smart Reader, this is called a ‘Digital Handshake’. It’s a two-way interaction; the attendee receives the exhibitor’s content, and in exchange the exhibitor receives the attendees’ contact details and information about their interest profile. The ‘Digital Handshake’ also occurs when an online visitor interacts with an exhibitor’s content.

Our companion app, the Konduko StandApp automatically syncs with the Smart Reader on the exhibitor’s booth, and then allows them to see leads coming through in real time. Staff on the booth can immediately view the contact details and interest data of a person whose Badge has just interacted with their Reader and may choose to add conversation notes to the lead profile.

Conversations recorded with the StandApp and contact details collected by the Reader are combined to generate an extensive lead report. Our machine-learning algorithms help us to build a profile of your visitors and enable us to distinguish hot leads from the rest.

Exhibitors using Konduko Kontactless Smart Technologies can:

  • Capture around six times the amount of high-value leads than at a normal event
  • Monitor leads and analytics in real time, physically and virtually
  • Identify hot leads in the event that multiple attendees from the same company (virtual and physical) register their interest
  • Continue capturing leads post-event thanks to the online experience

While undoubtedly the most effective lead-capture solution on the market, Konduko’s excellence as a smart event platform is best evidenced by our 99% exhibitor satisfaction rate and independently awarded Net Promoter Score of 72.

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