The physical experience

Onsite, a Konduko Kontactless Smart Event works by placing ‘Kontactless’ Smart Readers at entrances, on exhibitor booths and in seminars. These readers are pre-loaded with exhibitor content that attendees can then collect using their ‘Kontactless’ Smart Badges, which they will have printed using a contactless self-service kiosk upon arrival. In return, the exhibitor’s Smart Reader receives the attendees’ contact details and information about their interest profile. We call this interaction a Digital Handshake, and the result is an entirely contactless exchange of value. 

For exhibitors:

  • Capturing 2 – 11 times the amount of leads at any normal event
  • Prioritising lead follow-up such as being able to distinguish hot leads from the rest
  • Automated and instant commencement of the sales process, thanks to Konduko’s regular Daily Digest email sent to attendees at the end of the day recapping their activity
  • Considerable financial and environmental savings thanks to the electronic delivery of materials
  • A less cluttered, safer and more inviting booth

For attendees:

  • Collecting more valuable and shareable marketing materials than just paper handouts
  • A more precise and meaningful event experience, thanks to a personalised dashboard with real-time exhibitor recommendations
  • A safer and more streamlined event experience

For organisers:

  • Providing an invaluable solution to their exhibitors, allowing them to resume business as usual in a safe environment
  • Partnering with a COVID-compliant solution that has been finessed over the last seven years
  • More useful and relevant data capture about the event, in real time

Konduko is a hybrid event solution, and the physical experience is only one half of it. Read about the virtual experience, or get in touch for a demo.

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