Introducing the Generation 4 Badge Reader

Leading trade show organisers across the world are using
our technology to improve their event’s revenue, secure six
times more exhibitor interactions, and deliver a better
experience for attendees.

Konduko Digital Event Platform v4.0

Ease of use

Simple to use, easy to implement and incredibly powerful: the Konduko Digital Event Platform gives exhibitors and organisers the flexibility to improve their event success quickly and intelligently, whilst at the same time allowing attendees to experience a trade show like never before.

Added value

The Konduko Digital Event Platform is the backbone of Konduko’s offer and uses the most sophisticated event technology to create more data and more value for everyone. It allows experiences to be shared between attendees, whether they attend the physical event, digitally or a mixture of both.


The Konduko Digital Event platform has a range of ‘modules’ that can be switched on to give each event the ‘flex’ it needs in delivering maximum benefits. These include Konduko’s pioneering ‘FollowMe’.

Industry-leading technology. Real results.

By combining our revolutionary solutions, the Konduko Physical
Intelligent Event has been delivering more revenue for organisers and
better qualified leads for exhibitors right across the world.

Konduko Intelligent Reader

The Konduko Generation 4 Reader is transforming trade shows across the world. Built to work in practically any event environment, this ‘intelligent little box’ includes all the contactless technology needed to power-up your trade show. It can read any NFC-enabled device (including mobile phones, digital tickets, bracelets, and other wearable items), and unlike previous Readers, the Generation 4 can also read QR-codes, meaning ‘print at home’ tickets, mobile apps and email confirmation PDFs are now compatible.

Konduko Cloud for Organisers and Exibitors

Konduko Cloud is the web portal where all event data is stored. Event organisers can log-in to Konduko Cloud to view a show report in real time as well as after the event. This product is integral in creating higher levels of at-show re-bookings; all the information in one place. Exhibitors use Konduko Cloud to upload and assign content to their Intelligent Readers, and interact with the leads generated by those readers. If the exhibitor is using Stand App at their booth, any information added by their staff will be synced to their Konduko Cloud account.

Support for any Badge

The Konduko Intelligent Reader provides a seamless exchange of information between attendees and exhibitors at physical events. Our technology can work with any trade show attendee badge type whether they are printed (at home or at the event) or on a mobile phone or app. These include: barcodes, QR codes and NFC-enabled devices

Konduko Stand App

The Konduko Stand App is a booth companion app, available for both iOS and Android, that enables exhibitor staff to capture and qualify the leads from their smartphone. Staff are able to view these leads in real-time, and have the ability to add their own notes based on conversations with attendees.

Real connections worth making

Powered by machine-learning, the Konduko Digital Platform uses vast amounts of relevant, real-time data to match attendees, exhibitors and event content.

Our platform also provides a simple way of saving all this information digitally, for sharing and reviewing later.


Konduko provides real-time insights based on actual event data. Both exhibitors and organisers can track performance of key metrics, and access qualitative data about attendees.
The show analytics are easy to use and understand, designed to help you get the most out of any show.