Real-time data for all

Real-time experiences, real-time data

Never again will you have to wait until the end of a show to find out what the results were. With Konduko, everything is in real-time – including the data.

For attendees, this means:

  • Real-time interaction with exhibitors, entirely without contact
  • Real-time engagement with content collected from exhibitors, right there on their smart phones
  • Real-time tips and recommendations on what to visit next, thanks to Konduko’s machine-learning capabilities
  • Real-time ability to request a call back or schedule a meeting
  • Real-time sharing of experiences with colleagues, whether they’re at the show or attending virtually
  • End-of-day activity summaries sent to them via email

For exhibitors, it means:

  • Real-time centralised lead capture, meaning that staff at the booth can view the profile of an attendee standing right in front of them and add notes based on conversations using StandApp
  • Real-time reporting dashboards on Konduko Cloud
  • Real-time ability to distinguish hot leads from the rest thanks to Konduko’s machine learning algorithms

Finally, for organisers, it means:

  • Real-time view of the exhibition floor
  • Real-time and accurate data of attendee interests
  • Real-time downloadable and shareable reports
  • Predictive analysis over time
  • Increased exhibitor retention

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