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Konduko is a hybrid event solution, meaning that it allows attendees and exhibitors to participate and collaborate, irrespective of whether they are attending in person or virtually.

Our new patent-pending feature FollowMe allows virtual attendees to collaborate with physical ones while the event is underway. Physical attendees can invite virtual colleagues to follow their journey on the floor, and can share with them the content they collect through the Smart Readers. While their physically-attending partner walks the event floor and has conversations with exhibitors, the virtual attendee can use this time to search the online exhibitor profiles and make recommendations to their colleagues as to what to visit next. Both parties can review their event journey during and after the show.

FollowMe also allows flexibility for exhibitors who cannot attend in person to participate in an event. Online exhibitors are still listed in the exhibitor directory, and can still upload their content to a profile. They are subsequently able to capture leads during and after the event as attendees interact with their materials. 

For attendees, FollowMe means:

  • More colleagues being able to participate in the event and interact with exhibitors
  • A virtual option for interested parties not willing to attend in person
  • Collaborative participation between colleagues, allowing for a shared and streamlined event experience

For exhibitors, it means:

  • The generation of more leads post-event
  • Identification of hot leads in the event that multiple attendees from the same company (virtual and phsyical) register their interest
  • The ability to still participate as an exhibitor in the event that they cannot attend physically

Finally, for organisers it means:

  • More attendees overall without exceeding social distancing limits
  • Protection of existing revenue and the creation of new digital revenue streams
  • The ability to enjoy high levels of attendee engagement

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