The virtual experience

Thanks to Konduko`s Interactive Exhibitor Directory, registered attendees and exhibitors are able to interact from the very first point of contact until after the show ends.

Simply find your exhibitor and express your interest using the available features:

  • REQUEST A CALL BACK – you are interested in connecting with the exhibitor
  • SAVE TO MY JOURNEY – create your own digital ‘show bag’ and have exhibitor content available to you at anytime
  • ADD NOTES – add comments and remarks to remind you later
  • MORE LIKE THIS – display similar content or company profiles

For exhibitors:

  • Exhibitors collect high-value leads onsite and virtually
  • Digital exposure and ability to interact outside of the event dates
  • Access to the virtual sales room for meetings

For attendees:

  • Combined onsite and online experiences – content collection and exhibitor live interaction
  • Increase discovery and precision using recommendations and suggestions
  • Immediate access to valuable content and contacts

For organisers:

  • Event based Interactive Exhibitor directory
  • New revenue streams
  • Exhibitor and attendee ROI

Konduko is a hybrid event solution, and the virtual experience is only one half of it. Read about the physical experience, or get in touch for a demo.

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