User testimonials

We are using 8 units, each one dedicated to a different product. This allows us to know exactly which product our clients were interested in during their visit to our booth.”

Retail Asia Expo

The product is very cool! I like a lot the dashboard and the analytics. Has been a great experience so far.

Gitex Technology week

With reader on the booth and also on the zones, it’s a great way to collect information. We are using both the Reader and the App, and the idea of having the Readers in the zones and where we don’t have stuff is fantastic. We are actually spread across the floor without even being there. Visitors can get our assets and we have their information and we can follow up on them. It is a very interesting interaction and very easy. We arrive in the office and share the data with our colleagues based on visitor interests.

In-cosmetics global

The tool is fantastic and useful. With the App things are getting even easier. It will be great when we can get the visitor information by their interests. That should be something very useful in the reporting.

LG Electronics
Gitex Technology Week

We are using both the reader and the standapp. We like the service provided and happy to use it. The reader is fast and very easy to use. We would like to have it next year too.

Kannoo Machinery

As the marketing team we think it’s great. We like that we can send our collateral digitally and it is friendly and fast. The fact that we can access our leads immediately it is a big plus for us. Next year we will create our questions and involve the sales team in using the App as it is important to have all data consolidated and not transferring from paper.”

In-cosmetics global

“Amazing system. Really, really helpful and elegant. So smart and really helped us to triple our leads, just like that. Way better than any other product we have used in the past. Such a great way of interacting.

Halloween & Party Expo

“Great system. We are using it and we are happy to deploy tech on our booth. We are the biggest booth in terms of floor space and are always trying to find ways to bring new tech and interesting ways of interacting with our visitors. Konduko does that and gives us a great plus both on the show and after the show with a very easy way of targeting our visitors. Next year we really want to do something special at our booth; a reader for each product section with dedicated tech pods.”

Middle East Energy