Our Story

Ordinarily, most event technologies either fail to achieve a level of usage that drives meaningful demand by attendees, or the event technology requires too many pre-requisites to be successful (such as relying on a mobile app).

Prior to Konduko, options for event technology were not easy to use, and weren’t providing organisers, exhibitors or attendees with the best experience or results.

Our Solution

In 2013, accessible technology expert Matt Harris founded Konduko, and set out to design and bring to market a product that had zero learning curve, no apps, and delivered a frictionless experience to anyone who wanted to use it.
The revolutionary Konduko intelligent readers were developed to allow organisers and attendees to use any type of badge or device; suddenly, attendees could collect digital information in a way that suited them, without being bound to a smart phone or app.

Our most recent Intelligent Reader, the Generation 4, provides a lesson in accessible, effective technology, while complementing any trade show stand with its clean and minimal design.

Today, Konduko is global provider of intelligent event technology, enabling the digital exchange of information at large-scale events and exhibitions, entirely without contact. We’re also pioneers of truly ‘hybrid’ event systems which focus on driving revenue and lead capture for events where attendees and exhibitors either attend in-person or digitally.

The Team

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